Nebulizer OMRON NE-C28

Nebulizer OMRON NE-C28Nebulizer Inhalasi OMRON
Nebulizer Omron NE-C28

Nebulizer Inhalasi Omron NE-C28Jual Nebulizer Omron
Nebulizer Inhalasi Omron NE-C28

Jual Nebulizer Omron NE-C28

Nebulizer Omron NE-C28 merupakan salah satu alat bantu pernapasan berupa nebulizer inhalasi. Produk Jepang ini sudah lama terkenal di Indonesia. Kami jual nebuliser inhalasi Omron NE-C28.

Spesifikasi Nebulizer Omron NE-C28 :
Kode :NE-C28
Jenis :Alat Bantu Pernapasan
Tipe :Nebulizer Inhalasi
Merk :Omron
Model :Omron NE-C28
Isi Paket :
  • Compressor
  • Nebulizer Kit
  • Air Tube
  • 5 pcs Replacement Filters
  • Mouthpiece
  • Adult Mask
  • Child Mask
  • Carrying Bag
  • Instruction Manual
Power Consumsion :138VA, 230V / 50Hz
Nebulizer Rate :0.4 ml/min (without cap)
Particle Size :MMD approximately 5μm (based on EN13544-1)
Medication Cup Capacity :7 ml (cc) max
Appropriate Medication Quantities :2 – 7 ml 9 (cc)
Operating Temperature / Humidity :+10°C to 40°C, 30% to 85% RH
Storage Temperature / Humidity :-20°C + 60°C, 10% to 95% RH
Weight :Approx. 1.9kg (compressor only)
Dimensions :Approx. 170 (W) x 103 (H) x 182 (D) mm
Dimensi Packing :15cm x 25cm x 19cm (P x L x T)
Berat Pengiriman :2 kg (pembagi 6000)/ 3 kg (pembagi 4000/3500)
Harga :Rp. 650.000,-

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