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Spinal Board Tandu Darurat

spinal board tandu darurat

Harga Tandu Spinal Board ABS

Distributor stretcher tandu Harga Spinal Board Jual tandu penyelamatan murah Toko tandu YDC-7A3 jual tandu

Spinal Board atau papan tandu darurat YDC-7A3 ini merupakan papan tandu yang sering digunakan oleh regu penyelamat saat mengevakuasi korban-korban. Material yang digunakan spinal board YDC-7A3 menggunakan ABS plastik, dengan kapasitas beban hingga 160 kg
  • Unique design, light-weighed, easy to use.
  • Designed the hole around the stretcher for carrying conveniently.
  • The stretcher is made of PE material with no discharge contaminator, and firmness to wear. Can be used with X- Ray.
  • The stretcher comes with a safety belts.
  • It can be used with head immobilize at the same time.
  • Height when loading the stretcher up to ambulance is 62cm.
  • The bed surface of the stretcher is made of waterproof foamed cushion, the back is adjustable which makes the wounded feel comfortable.
  • The mechanical folding legs are controlled by the handles on both sides.
  • The stretcher can be locked up after being aboard through the chute.
  • The stretcher can be arbitrarily adjusted by pneumatic spring, it can be converted into a chair.
  • It is made of stainless steel materials. It is characterized by its being anti-corrosion, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean.
  • Mainly used in limited space transporting patients, such as lift in hospital, ambulance, city road, etc.
  • The castor size. 0125mm.

Spesifikasi Produk :
(harga dan spesifikasi dapat berubah tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu demi penyempurnaan produk)
(dilarang memakai spesifikasi berikut untuk tender/pengadaan tanpa konsultasi/konfirmasi kepada gesunde medical)

Kode SKU :
(kode stok internal, bukan kode produk)
Jenis : Emergency Stretcher
Tipe : Spine Board YDC-7A3
DEPKES RI Teregistrasi
Warna : Kuning
Kapasitas 160 kg
Bahan ABS
Berat Produk Bersih (NW) = 7 Kg / Kotor (GW) = 9 Kg
Dimensi Kemasan :
(bukan untuk spesifikasi tender)
186 cm x 48 cm x 7 cm
Berat Volume Pengiriman : 11 Kg (Pembagi 6000), 16 Kg (Pembagi 4000)
Harga : Hubungi Kami

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